Custom Home Concrete Foundations Across NC & SC

Doggett Residential Foundations specializes in custom home concrete foundations across NC and SC. Our expertise with foundations included concrete construction, stone slinging, and waterproofing. We guarantee that we have the knowledge, skill, and experience needed to handle even the most complex of custom home foundations.

Custom homes are known for being high-end in terms of quality and durability. Therefore, we know the importance a strong and sturdy foundation has on the support and structural integrity of a home. The proper concrete construction, materials placement, and waterproofing are essential to preventing harm or issues from befalling your home in the future. Doggett’s unique and effective process guarantees that your custom home has the secure and solid foundation it needs.

Doggett Residential Foundations’ concrete division is continually updating our processes to ensure that we provide all of our customers with the safest and most efficient concrete services including:

  • Poured Basements
  • Concrete Crawl Space Foundations
  • Poured Foundation Slabs
  • Foundation Walls
  • Exterior Concrete
  • Footings

Poured concrete foundations are one highly beneficial step towards providing a new home with a high level of water resistance and strength at a low cost. Contact Doggett Residential Foundations for your next concrete project. We provide an estimate with the most efficient solution for NC and SC custom home foundation projects.

Residential Footings Across NC & SC

Before materials placement, waterproofing, or further construction can take place, Doggett Residential Foundations understands that a firm foundation, including properly installed footings, is essential for the support of a quality home. We have vast experience installing concrete footings for NC and SC residential construction projects since 1963 and guarantee a long-lasting, solid foundation for the entire structure.

Depth and placement of concrete footings are crucial to preventing future foundation settlement for a residential construction project. Our process includes installing rebar reinforcement and then pouring concrete into an excavated trench. Dimensions of the footings will depend on the varying size of the build, soil conditions, and other environmental factors.

Residential Footings in Charlotte NC

When a residential property doesn’t have ideal soil for the job, footings are especially important. So, depending on the soil conditions, we will assess the proper depth and width for the footings and figure out precisely where they need to be placed. However, we guarantee the same level of excellence for every build.

Residential Concrete Slabs Across NC & SC

Doggett Residential Foundations has over 55 years of experience pouring residential concrete slabs and flatwork across NC and SC. One of our specialties is slab on grade technology. Whether it is a typical slab on grade or a post-tension reinforced slab on grade, engineers rely on Doggett Residential Foundations as their trusted concrete contractor. We can take care of any residential concrete slabs and formwork, from a foundation or basement slab to a garage floor.

Doggett Concrete Construction offers a variety of residential concrete services including:

  • Concrete Slabs
  • Concrete Floors
  • Basement Floors
  • Garage Floors
  • Concrete Foundations
  • House Foundations
Residential Concrete Slabs in Charlotte NC

Doggett Residential Foundations team of professional poured concrete specialists have you covered across NC and SC. Contact us today to schedule a service and to get the concrete flooring solution that is built to last!

Residential Concrete Walls Across NC & SC

Doggett Concrete provides quality residential concrete foundation walls across NC and SC. Poured foundation walls are critical in providing a long-standing residential structure and our team will engineer the necessary design, layout, and construction to match your project needs.

Poured concrete foundation walls provide superior strength and stability for a residential construction project. The concrete’s density and strength allows the poured wall to be water tight, dramatically reducing potential water problems. Doggett Concrete provides concrete walls and foundations for many residential construction projects in the Carolinas, such as:

  • Crawl Spaces
  • Basements
  • Stem Walls
  • Retaining Walls
Residential Concrete Walls in Charlotte NC

Benefits of Poured Concrete Walls

A common issue for a basement or foundation is water seepage into the area. Poured concrete walls and foundations have a strength several times that of a block and far beyond the required safety factor. This strength and density of concrete makes the wall water tight, decreasing the chance of having water issues.

One of the greatest benefits of poured concrete walls are the energy savings. Because concrete absorbs and holds heat, concrete walls can help to significantly save on heating and cooling costs, especially when combined with an insulation system. Poured concrete walls have a much higher density than cement block walls, so they will absorb and store heat more efficiently, saving energy.

Using concrete walls in Charlotte NC residential construction projects is a growing trend. Concrete walls and foundations provide many benefits such as a longer lifespan of the building, a stronger exterior, less maintenance, and can protect you in bad weather conditions. Concrete walls also create a highly energy efficient environment by reducing cooling costs and is an excellent insulator, keeping out bugs, pests, and outside air from entering the area.

Concrete walls are constructed by building a form into which concrete is poured. After the concrete hardens, the forms are removed and you are left with standing concrete walls. Our staff has the proper equipment and experience necessary to deliver concrete right where it is needed. Doggett Residential Foundations will also carefully construct quality footings that ensure your concrete walls stay in place.

Our concrete team has decades of experience in building reliable walls for homeowners throughout the Charlotte NC area. After consulting with you, we’ll engineer a finished product that blends with your residential plans. Contact Doggett Residential Foundations of Charlotte NC today about pouring an affordable, solid foundation for your new home or housing development!